This website is a space to stream your artistic consciousness. Expression and Overflow. You can submit once, every day for a month, or more. We will put your creations here with abundant love and appreciation. Let’s be a community, share your art.

All mediums of art are welcome. Submit your social media links also and we’ll put them on the website. This will give you worldwide exposure for all you create.

If you’re submitting journal entries for publication, we welcome your words.
Be as raw as you wish.
All experiences are welcome here.

Peace and bear claws with extra butter.

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Submission Guidelines

Crosshatch Publishing is dedicated to giving you the highest quality in services.
Before submitting, please read the guidelines.

– We accept written and artistic submissions. Add links to your social media for extra exposure and we’ll put them on the website.

– If we are interested in your submission, you will hear from us within a month.

– Submit your journal entries for publication. If your journal entries are published, Crosshatch Publishing will offer a book contract. Photos of handwritten pages and sketches from your journal are welcome also.

– Anything submitted here may be used on the Crosshatch Publishing website. If you’re an artist, the exposure is great! Don’t forget to submit your social media links.

– Please make sure all necessary fields are filled out correctly when submitting your work.