-Sea Ice On White Bay-
Phil Leith-Tetrault
New York

-The Bells-
Robbii Wessen
New York City

Coco Johnson
Rhode Island 

-Click For The Video-
Covid Story: An Artist Sheltered In Place
On The 31st Floor
Linda Stein
New York

-Aphrodite and Angel-
“The woman’s mouth is invisible because she does not need to speak with a loud voice. She speaks to the viewer through the viewers perception and imagination, by which the viewer becomes the woman.” Chunbum Park
New Jersey

Shane Taremi
Boston, Massachusetts

Joseph O’Neill
New York

-Ghost Rain-
Briarwood Bohemian
New York

-Things We’re Made Of-
Brooke Landry

-War Cry, Scorched Earth-
Bakari Akinyele
Washington DC

-The Freedom Of Transnational Ambivalence-
Elisabeth Ajtay
New York

Igor Zusev
Seattle, Washington

Larissa Barnat

-Visions and Revisions-
Anna Gregor
New York

Andre Pace

Sophia Grollmus
New York

Redd Evans
New York

-All The Darkness Behind Me-
Casey Mark Schultz
New York

Avani Patel
New York

Dorthea Osborne
New York

-Window Blind Series-
Isabelle Schneider


Her serious face
we fool around.

Summertime love
he’s only ever seen her
in freckles.

In the waterbed
he capsizes her.

He tickles
her pink.

Turning her over
she’s well-done.

Late autumn
she comes to rest
on me.

Jon Petruschke