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Covid Story: An Artist Sheltered In Place
On The 31st Floor

Linda Stein

Isaac Roller


Her serious face
we fool around.

Summertime love
he’s only ever seen her
in freckles.

In the waterbed
he capsizes her.

He tickles
her pink.

Turning her over
she’s well-done.

Late autumn
she comes to rest
on me.

Jon Petruschke

Coco Johnson 

Andre Pace

Redd Evans

Dorthea Osborne

The Ghost 
Submitted by Benji Staker along with this writing by Charles Baudelaire, “Like angels who have bestial eyes, I’ll come again to your alcove, and glide in silence to your side, in shadows of the night, my love; And I will give to my dark mate, cold kisses frigid as the moon. And I’ll caress you like a snake, that slides and writhes around your tomb. When the livid morning breaks, you will find no one in my place, and feel a chill till night is near. Some others by their tenderness, myself I want to rule by fear.”