Monique walked into the forest to be naked, to lie on the rocks next to the river, and open her legs to the sun beating in between her thighs. It was a beautiful day to be in nature, to set her breasts free, to feel the bounce of them, and the warm air kissing them.

She slipped her sandals off, pulled her red blouse over her head, and placed it on the rock beside her. She slipped her black skirt over her hips, and her lace panties followed as she leaned her head to look up at the sky. The tips of her long brown hair touched the curve of her lower back.

Monique understood life and living through her sensuality. She believed that sensuality was generous, with a giving nature: a gracious hand gesture, hips moving side to side, dancing salsa legs, waves turning, a cup to mouth, sun to horizon, caring words, a thoughtful action. They all gave.

The more she followed her sensuality, the more connected she felt, and the bigger her life became. Just as lungs gave movement to breath and her heart gave movement to blood, she felt her sensuality giving movement to her life.

Monique whimpered and ran her fingers on top of her stomach. She remembered a first date she’d had the year before.

Matteo took her to an Italian restaurant, and they talked for hours. She loved hearing him speak. He curled words into shapes, and sentences became visuals. He told her about how he wanted to be a professional chef for Zumanity, a Cirque du Soleil performance where everyone performs naked. He was passionate, he was spring for Monique, he was the bright green that came after a long winter. They both talked about the things they loved and about the things that held them back.

As Matteo spoke, Monique noticed his skin, golden and smooth. She wanted to touch his arm, to feel his body, and to see what would happen if his hand would slide against her hand.

She wanted to write words on his skin with her fingertips, “I want to know more of you.”

Monique never went on a second date with Matteo because she usually fled at the beginning of a romance. Afraid of rejection, she would end things before they even began. She knew intimacy couldn’t survive this type of climate, so she started moving through vulnerability no matter how uncomfortable it was. She swam in the waters with men, and sometimes with women, allowing the sensual current to take her where it felt right.

Monique scooted herself close to the river. She lifted her breasts into the air, felt the arch of her spine and the warm pull of desire inside of her sex. She wanted to be close to a man, to have him gripping her with his strength, to have the waves of pleasure filling her alongside him. She dipped her finger in the river and brought her wet finger to her clitoris where she began circling. She took in a deep breath while rocking her pelvis back and forth, feeling the rhythm of her sex. She placed her finger lower, where she was aching to be filled. She sank her finger into herself and began pushing it in and out quickly, with her upper hand bumping against her clitoris. Her breath was quickening, and her hips began moving more wildly. She grabbed one of her breasts with her hand and squeezed just as she was about to orgasm.

Monique heard a noise nearby and stopped. She turned her head to see a man walking toward the river. He was looking straight at her, his eyes afire.

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” the man asked.

“It is, and the heat of the sun makes this water feel amazing,” Monique kicked one of her feet, splashing some of the river’s water into the air.

The man squatted down and dipped his hand into the river, swaying it side to side to get a feel for the temperature.

Monique watched him, saw him shudder as he initially put his hand into the water and then saw the relaxation on his face when the water began feeling good to him.

He looked over to her, still holding his hand in the water, “I’ve been over on the other side of the forest. I had no idea there was a river here.”

Monique watched him speak. He had a manner that was simultaneously strong and gentle.

“It’s a hidden gem, I’m surprised you found it,” she said, gesturing to the surroundings.

The man saw her enthusiasm as she spoke and the bouncing of her breasts as she moved her long legs in the water.

“I’m Hunter,” he said.

Monique reached for him and they linked hands, locked eyes.

His hand was warm and there was presence in his grasp, a balance of giving and receiving. She felt his masculine strength as she looked into his blue eyes.

“Monique,” she said, and smiled. She kept her eyes intently on his. She felt so open to him, so comfortable, so soon.

Hunter noticed the way she told her name; it was a slow enunciation, drawn out, sensual. He watched her lips while she said it. He couldn’t help but stare at her, his eyes streaming along the lines of her body: the delicate shape of her neck leading to her shoulders, the curves of her rounded breasts, and the circles of her relaxed nipples.

Monique watched him while he took his shirt off. He was confident, and she liked the thickness of his features: his wide neck, the architectural shape of his muscular arms, and his broad shoulders. The electricity between them made her sex ache. She wanted his hands traveling the course of all her parts. She felt a softening within her as the strength of him commanded her feminine nature.

Monique inhaled audibly, which caught Hunter’s attention, and he looked at her. The air filled with sexual tension and hunger filled their bodies.

She exhaled as she took her legs out of the water and laid her back onto a flat rock. “I love to feel the sun’s warmth here,” Monique said, while holding her breasts.

Hunter came close to her.

She opened her knees to the sides, “Come have a feel.”

He placed his hand on her breast loosely, feeling the shape of her falling perfectly into his hand.

“Your skin is so warm,” Hunter said.

Monique smiled and her breath quickened. She loved the sexual power he exuded. She put her hand on top of his, closed her eyes, and took a moment to feel all that was happening in her body and in her mind. He was arousing both.

Monique arched her back and took all her hair into a bunch. She bit her lip lightly as a cool breeze moved in between her legs.

There was silence in the air, energy streaming between them. She could almost feel his breath on her skin. A rush of adrenaline rose in her, beginning at her feet, traveling up her legs, moving up her spine, up the length of her neck, and into her mind. Her sensual experience was attuned.

Monique noticed Hunter sensing her heightened sexual state. She licked her lips and looked to him, transparent in her intensity. She was a warm fire that begged for him. She wanted his small pressures, his heavy pressures, anything he would give her.

Hunter put his hand on the side of her face, firmly holding her cheek. Monique softened. Surrendering to him was what her desire craved.

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